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Outreachy internship available

Outreachy internship available

Here’s a fantastic opportunity in open source for folks from underrepresented backgrounds. The Fedora Engineering team has an Outreachy internship available December 2015 to March 2016. Applications are being accepted at the Outreachy site. The deadline is 1900 UTC Monday, November 2, 2015.


Are you familiar with Outreachy? It’s a program designed to boost participation in open source by underrepresented groups. My employer, Red Hat, is sponsoring this internship.  The Fedora Project, which my team at Red Hat supports, is proud to partner in offering it. This Fedora internship is an opportunity to work directly with our senior software engineers on a major project called Fedora Hubs.

Hubs is an initiative to bring better and more timely information to Fedora’s large community of participants and contributors. Several of our engineers will collaborate with you throughout the internship period on this project. We’ll use Hubs as a foundation for regular, daily mentoring of our Outreachy intern. You’ll use best of breed technologies like Python, Bootstrap, jinja templates, and more. Best of all, you’ll work alongside the team in real time.

You can read more about the internship and qualifications here on our wiki. The page also has general information about Fedora, such as our mission and how we work together.

But this internship isn’t just extending your skills, or working with awesome people. (Even though that’s a great incentive!) It’s also about bringing the open source way to thousands of people. This project lets contributors build sub-communities, or hubs, around their interests. “Standing on the shoulders of giants” is one of the greatest benefits of open source. The same goes for using open source to build communities. It’s a natural fit and a wonderful outcome for a successful internship.

Are you interested in diving deeper into Hubs, to see what this internship is about? Check out this recent blog post from our own Máirín Duffy on the purpose, design, and mockups of the Hubs project.

We’re looking forward to seeing your application. Remember the deadline is 7pm in UTC time on Monday, November 2, which is mid-day for any USA applicants.

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