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Dusting this blog off in 2022.

Dusting this blog off in 2022.

I haven’t put anything on this blog in forever. It seemed like just pointless spewing with no sign anyone was reading. Like in that song Monster when Jay-Z observes about all those other rappers, “millin’ about, spillin’ their feelings in the air.”

Facebook is a crappy place to write stuff. Too many people concerned about scoring points in one way or another. I don’t like being one of them. I don’t compulsively check this blog for likes. If someone comments on my blog, I’ll find out via email. That’s good enough. Plus I don’t have to give Meta more of my content. No hate, I just find that a crappy place to do long form writing, not to mention you can’t do simple hyperlinking.

So I think I’ll start writing here again when the urge strikes me. It might not be worth reading, and I’m sure at times arguably not worth writing. But I’d like to get back into some good habits. Letting folks know what I’m working on outside work seems like a fine place to start.

I seem to be putting most of my non-work energy into music these days, either composing on my own in the studio or working with or on my new band. That will probably be the bulk of stuff that appears on this blog in the future.

While I remain interested in what the open source community is doing in the Fedora Project, it’s not the right place for me to be investing my personal time these days. There are much smarter and more capable folks than me contributing there. Work is too busy to give me time for that either, but luckily my presence (or lack thereof) is barely noticed there, much less needed. And that’s just fine, and how it should be.

So it’s one thing to talk about dusting off my blog. Another entirely to see if I keep with it. Here’s to following through.

Photo by ian borg on Unsplash.