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The O/S that keeps me free (as in speech and beer)

Surgery commences.

Today I am upgrading our workstation downstairs to Fedora Core 5, and things are going swimmingly so far. I am (finally) migrating that system to use LVM, since I foresee buying some new storage for it sooner or later. Of course I took backups of everything first, but it’s always scary when you see the “Formatting /home…” message.

More progress reports later; I suppose I’ll be dumping all these blog entries asynchronously since the workstation carries the MySQL server that provides them.

Livin’ on the edge.

I’ve installed Rawhide, the bleeding-edge software that becomes Fedora Core every six to nine months, on my ThinkPad, which is my main workhorse computer. So far so good; it looks and works great. Fedora Core 5 will be released next week, and it looks to be one of our best yet. I proudly made a few personal contributions to the platform as part of my work with the Fedora Project, including:

  • a new “About Fedora” document for the main menu
  • debugging some last-minute weirdness in the Docs Project’s build tools so our voluminous Release Notes would make it to the ISO images on time
  • what promises to be a very popular package, nautilus-open-terminal, which restores a more powerful “Open Terminal” option to the Desktop right-click menu (this option was removed in GNOME 2.13)

The next few months are going to be very interesting indeed!

Cleaning up after yourself.

For the five people who might be interested, I recently rewrote my rawhide-eliminator script in Python as a learning exercise. Yes, I know I’m late off the block on this technology as well. I rarely get a chance to program at all, so it’s a real tribute to Python’s shallow learning curve that I got this done so quickly. The only errors in my first draft of the program were a couple logic errors. Now it should work fine.

Did I mention it’s about 200 times faster than the old bash script version?