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Part of the time I’ve been goofing around, but the system is back up and working nominally at this point, so I’m calling it done. There’s always little things to deal with as they come up, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Eleya’s PDA is even syncing again properly! I …

So far so good.

Well, the weblog is back up, so obviously things are going OK so far. MySQL 5.0 has had no hitches; I ran the recommended update commands as shown in the MySQL documentation, and all the messages looked nominal. I’m restoring user home directories right now.

Surgery commences.

Today I am upgrading our workstation downstairs to Fedora Core 5, and things are going swimmingly so far. I am (finally) migrating that system to use LVM, since I foresee buying some new storage for it sooner or later. Of course I took backups of everything first, but it’s always …

Quick pick.

I just got a hold of a link to a cool blog full of tips. Since I use Linux for all my everyday computing needs, this site might really come in handy! Coming soon to a blogroll near… uh, me.

Livin’ on the edge.

I’ve installed Rawhide, the bleeding-edge software that becomes Fedora Core every six to nine months, on my ThinkPad, which is my main workhorse computer. So far so good; it looks and works great. Fedora Core 5 will be released next week, and it looks to be one of our best …