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Livin’ on the edge.

Livin’ on the edge.

I’ve installed Rawhide, the bleeding-edge software that becomes Fedora Core every six to nine months, on my ThinkPad, which is my main workhorse computer. So far so good; it looks and works great. Fedora Core 5 will be released next week, and it looks to be one of our best yet. I proudly made a few personal contributions to the platform as part of my work with the Fedora Project, including:

  • a new “About Fedora” document for the main menu
  • debugging some last-minute weirdness in the Docs Project’s build tools so our voluminous Release Notes would make it to the ISO images on time
  • what promises to be a very popular package, nautilus-open-terminal, which restores a more powerful “Open Terminal” option to the Desktop right-click menu (this option was removed in GNOME 2.13)

The next few months are going to be very interesting indeed!