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Amidst his gorgeous feast.

This is an outrage! Who among us does not know the immortal classic “C is for Cookie?” Sorry, I think I’m capable of teaching my kids that they don’t get to eat cookies ALL THE TIME. Cookie Monster is lovable because of his gluttony; the hyperbole of this little sweets-gobbling …

One love, yo.

I couldn’t be more psyched—I found the coolest anti-racism site ever on the Internet! It’s like Sally and Johnny are saying exactly how I feel! I’m going to send a story to Slashdot so even more people can learn how to spread the love, dig?

Half-baked, fully zonked.

As with every other half-baked commentary of its ilk, the author of this deranged, zigzag screed has no conception of the Constitution’s purpose. It is a document that guarantees certain rights against encroachment by the government, not by private entities. Free speech is not your ability to say whatever you …