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Catching up.

Catching up.

Studio madness, part 1.5.

My next date at the studio is on Thursday, to help Leah complete vocals. We have all the rhythm tracks in the can, and this week Tom is finishing the guitars, banjo, and lap steel, while Okorie lays down the cello madness. (By the way, never call him “OJ.” I hope to regain use of my legs by the winter.) I can’t wait to hear the magic!

Geek love again.

I am digging hard on my new ThinkPad T43. It has one of those little fingerprint sensors which is not nearly the novelty I thought it would be. You really can secure your system, up to and including booting, with your fingerprints. I thought about doing this, but what if I’m in a horrible accident and I lose all my fingers? Of course, I wouldn’t be doing much typing in that case, but then all the genius on my hard disk would be lost to the ages. Yeah.

BloGTK on the way.

I am working on taking over BloGTK packages for Fedora Extras from Seth Vidal, Fedora infrastructure maintainer and bon vivant.

DVD reviews.

Eleya and I watched the thoroughly enjoyable, engrossing, and flat-out impressive Criterion edition of the 1948 film The Red Shoes. Rather than simply turn the original Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale into a screenplay, the creative team of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger have extrapolated the magical shoes into the lure of artistic obsession. The ballet premiere of “The Red Shoes,” a production of the company which dominates the film’s middle half, is full of magical imagery and effects that were far beyond their time, and still quite effective to a 21st century viewer. The love story gets a little bit of short shrift, even in a 135-minute film, but overall this was a marvelous picture. Highly recommended.