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Mixed bag.

Mixed bag.

The last week has brought both good tidings and bad…

  • Our van broke down, and we thought it might be the alternator. But we found out our extended warranty would cover that, so it would cost us very little out of pocket. Unfortunately it turned out to be the battery… which is easier to fix, but is not covered.
  • A hard disk crash at the studio has thrown a wrench into the studio recording process. It may be revivable, but we won’t know for a few days. If it is, we may have only lost a song that really only has two instruments and a vocal, and is very easy to recut. If the drive can’t be reanimated, it means we have to start from square one and recut the whole album. But we don’t have to pay for it — other than with time (valuable as that may be) — nor the lost time.
  • The patriarchal among us lost the fight against moving our FDP work to the Wiki, but it turns out this is probably for the best, since we can now get more community involvement. It’s funny that even we non-developers have our own sort of inbuilt snobbery. Ours just centers around looking down our snoots at people who can’t tell “its” from “it’s.”

And nobody’s reviewed my BloGTK package yet for Extras, but hopefully soon…

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  1. Hi Paul,
    Found your site while looking for a fix for Blogtk on my Fedora 11 install. It crashes as per reported bug. I found a patch but it seems to do nothing (unless I’m doing something wrong)
    As I would really like to do some blogging, any chance of a fix, and then I’ll do a review of your package, albeit 4 years late!

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