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Lofty aspirations and low rumblings.

Lofty aspirations and low rumblings.

We had a decent gig at The Loft on Thursday night. Unfortunately it wasn’t very well attended. The standout exceptions were (of course) some of the Old Guard, the True Believers, the Through-Thick-N-Thin Pals. You know who you are, and you are much loved and appreciated, especially when you could have just stayed home and watched TV or something. Having these folks around made me sing a little better, rock a little harder, and enjoy myself a lot more. I probably have no way to repay the favor, so thank you, guys.

It wasn’t the band performance of a lifetime, but we hadn’t done a show together in about a month and a half, so that wasn’t totally unexpected. However, we have another couple shows before the next Loft gig and will be back up to our normal dazzling competency shortly. We did, however, trot out a new cover of “All Through The Night” which we enjoy playing a lot more than might be considered healthy.

Having done this for quite some time, I’ve grown very much accustomed to the utter lack of interest in American culture for live performance when it’s not accompanied by high ticket prices, name recognition, and overpriced concessions. I can understand that a lot of this is due to the incredibly high rate of Bands Who Doth Suck. I normally avoid that type of outfit for the gigs I play, other than the odd fill-in. But a lot of the people who swore up and down they would show up for this gig — an important one for us, as it was a new venue we are trying to add to our roster — and then didn’t show know this is a great live act. They’ve even seen us on Webcast, for Pete’s sake.

But when it comes to motivating people to get up off their recliners and see a live performance, what exactly is the most effective way? I’m going to have to walk a high wire on Tuesday when I go back to work and listen to all the excuses about how people couldn’t make it out. You can’t risk offending people who might come out and see you later. I guess the answer is to blanket so many folks that if 19 out of 20 of them don’t show up, you still end up with a lot of people at the show.

In other news, I am maintaining another new package in Fedora Extras now, nautilus-sendto, which does pretty much what you would expect, giving you a context (right-click) menu that will send files via Evolution, GAIM, or Bluetooth. It’s pretty sweet and comes complete for FC3, FC4, and Rawhide/FC5.

In other geeky gearhead news, I picked up a new toy today, a Bass PODxt Live. All my musician friends know I am a huge Line 6 fan. The modeling stuff these geniuses produce far outshines anything else on the market for quality, value, authenticity, and sheer wow factor. I brought mine home, plugged it into the effects return on my Super Redhead, and immediately started rocking, HARD. Ethan started dancing a little jig as soon as he heard the pure bass goodness issuing forth from my trusty amp, so I took that as a good sign. I can’t wait to use this on Friday night’s gig with the Lianna band!

I’m currently enjoying — yes, I know I’m late again with this one — The Postal Service’s album Give Up. Beautiful!


  1. Darya


    I just wanted to say that I was truly blown away by the performance on Thursday night. You guys are soooooooo amazing! Leah’s voice, your harmony, guitar and the guy that plays a million instruments…. I don’t know the musical lingo that would let you know how good I know you are but- WOW! While sitting next to Mr. M., remarking on how many different things you are gifted at, he summed it up well: “Paul is a genius.”

    Best of all, you are such a good friend- a great guy!
    Glad to know you! Looking forward to the next gig!



  2. *snif* Man, I can’t believe how undeserving I am of such compliments. But thank you for coming, it really did make it a more joyful occasion! I know you guys were under the weather, so it meant a lot.

    BTW, over here at GF, we are pretty sure you have blown the curve as far as social graces. I guess the Noble Grapes are going to have to shape up and measure up.

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