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Signs of life.

Signs of life.

Man, I didn’t realize it had been a whole week since my last post. It’s been a busy week, between working on Fedora commitments, finishing my short stint with the Lianna band, and working on the next Leah Morgan CD. Oh yeah, and the regular day job. And trying to make enough of an appearance around the house that my wife doesn’t start wondering where that ring on her left hand came from, and who keeps leaving dirty men’s clothes in the laundry basket.

Eleya and I did get a chance, albeit over several nights, to watch Room With A View, an older film I had somehow missed over the years, which was excellent. Eleya also got me two new CD’s in the course of her eBay shenanigans ;-), Damien Rice’s album O and Julian Coryell’s older record Bitter To Sweet. The former is incredible… yes, I’m catching up again since it was released in 2003, but dammit, I was in London right before this was released and heard about it there at least. Haven’t finished the latter one yet.

For some reason, the kids have been incorrigibly misbehaved this weekend… nothing truly cataclysmic, just enough to make us wonder whether there is, in fact, an orphanage in our town, preferably with a drive-thru.

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  1. Paul – it sounds as if you need more to do with your time on the weekends. Please consider filling that time with helping me lay flooring in the den and kitchen.

    Just kidding – tho some beer-in-hand management might be nice one sat or sun down the road.

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