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Home sick today, blecch. This bizarre cold/sinus thing came on Monday without much warning. Medication last night didn’t prevent much except sleep, so I decided to recuperate. And no, I have nothing else interesting to post about today, just complaints about health. Join us next time for another exciting episode of “Oy vey, don’t even get me started about my gout.”

*No, I have no actual gout. Joke! JOKE!


  1. hope you feel better. i am still recovering – limited to an infrequent pleghmy cough now. did yours start with the back of your throat closing off? that was mine. went from head to chest. i strained both my back and neck muscles from the coughing. that was pretty sad – to be so old you throw your back out… not lifting a couch or moving a large boulder… but from coughing. 🙂

    anyhow – again, hope you feel better.

  2. Yeah, I had the whole raw, cheese-grater throat thing along with a runny nose at first. I attacked it rather proactively with a big dose of ibuprofen (acetaminophen == worthless) and some pseudephedrine. Problem with the latter med is that it literally kept me awake all of Monday night. I got maybe an hour of sleep in five-minute doses, and kept Eleya up with my tossing and turning. Then I remembered, don’t take the 12-hour non-drowsy pill. Stupid.

    So the last two days I kept on top of it with the standard 4-to-6-hour variety, more ibuprofen and plenty of clear liquids (water and ginger ale), and today, although my throat is a little “itchy,” and my voice about a half-octave too low, I feel a lot better.

  3. Eric

    Ecchhhh! The throat thing is the worst part about getting sick for me. Of course, the best part is the Theraflu at night. I LOOOOOOOVE me some Theraflu. Makes my head all tingly!

    Hey Paul, I tried e-mailing you but it failed. I’m up and running with Ubuntu Breezy (the Gnome flavor, happy?) and it’s working great! Had a glitch or two in the beginning regarding my /home, but after installing it again I answered the questions right and it all looked great. Thanks for all your help along the way!

  4. Hi Eric, I think it’s your domain that’s at fault… I tried emailing you today and got a “user unknown” failure. Is it possible something there has changed recently with your address or otherwise?

  5. Eric

    Hmm, maybe. If the SIL one doesn’t work, try my Gmail account (left in this comment). With my SIL, you should be able to use eric_seidlitz or eric.seidlitz. Hmm.

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