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The True Friends returned to catch our show last night at The Loft, and a purty dang good show it was, too. My voice has yet to recover from the cold I had last month; in the past couple of days I’ve actually felt like my throat was backsliding into “got another cold” territory. Survived the show, but this morning I once again sounded like Barry White. I almost called a couple of my friends to perpetuate a joke about Barry and Egg McMuffins that somehow never seems to get old.

As an added bonus, the bartenders at the venue were very supportive, and mentioned how great they thought we were, especially at (1) bringing out a healthy crowd on a “school night,” and (2) not driving people out of the bar, as have other bands which they’ve suffered. Hopefully our next show will be on a Saturday night and all my lamer coworkers will actually make an appearance! ?

Today I had the day off and spent it catching up sporadically on a little Fedora work, although I am probably not as efficient as people who spend their entire working lives hacking Linux. I need to start learning some efficiency boosters to make my limited time more productive. Sadly, I am still one of those people who will go slack-jawed staring at a yum update running in a terminal.

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