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Finish line in sight.

Finish line in sight.

Yesterday the band finished recalls at the studio, so our final mixes are now ready for mastering. To be a little bold, they sound fabulous. I’m really looking forward to hearing the mastered product; I hope after the tracks have gone through that phase they retain the power and snap of the versions we’re hearing now. Many, many thanks are due to our incredible engineer Kevin Gutierrez for his mad ProTools skills. I’ve never worked so fast or efficiently in a studio before. Kevin truly made recording a pleasant, engaging, and fulfilling process.

Most of you will have to wait for the finished product to see what I mean, but trust me: you’ll love it. Interestingly, it will sound nothing like Kevin’s work on one of his own pet projects*. Sick, dude!

*See Project: Failing Flesh for more metal madness.

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