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FUDsters unite!

FUDsters unite!

Today is the Boston FUDCon and I am super-stoked about it. Last night after LinuxWorld ended most of us Fedorans went to the Boston Beer Works right next to historic Fenway Park for dinner; I had (among other things) fried pickles. Despite the vegetable in the name, not a health dish. (Go figure.)

Now we’re preparing for kickoff and things are buzzing in the “Command Center.” I helped get Karsten’s shiny new FC5 (upgraded last night in only 3 hours!) working with ipw2200, and we listened to Jack’s tale of woe regarding a vent pipe and his rear window, which seemed like a horrendously unfair blow from the karma cops given the tremendous effort he’s put forth making everything happen here in Boston.

I’m going to try and get some pictures, and will check in with them later.