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Prepping for the odyssey.

Prepping for the odyssey.

Tomorrow at oh-dark-thirty we’re getting on the road with the kids to head to Nashville — me for the Red Hat Summit and the rest of the family for fun and frolicking, including visiting relatives. It was a nice birthday gift to be able to give my wife, and I hope to get some extra Fedora work done while there, between catching as many presentations, labs, and keynotes as possible. I really enjoyed watching them last year as Ogg Theora videos, this year I get to experience them live.

Of course SuperWife is freaking out in a packing frenzy, but that is her job. Mine is to drive until I can’t see straight. In the alternate universe where we switch roles (and I have an Evil Goatee), half of our clothes arrive too wrinkled to wear and the other half are left sitting in the laundry machine at home, and we just barely make it to the closing keynote with divorce papers drafted. But! We’re! Not! STRESSED!!!

(gibbering laughter fades away…)

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