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Hey Josh — holy deja vu Batman, I just got one of these RAZR V3 phones too! They are super-sweet. I already put a picture of my daughter in the wallpaper and made it so when my wife calls me, it plays the “Ironside” music that was in Kill Bill Vol. 1 whenever the Bride sighted her next victim-to-be.


  1. hey – i remembered you’d mentioned this phone on your blog some time back. i replaced my (dying) treo 600 with a V3M yesterday. great phone for $60 (after $240 in rebates). once i saw i could access gmail through their new app, i was sold. fast little sucka.

    the treo – it’s wireless had been flakin’ out. still works in all other respects, so i may still use it as my organiza. we shall see how long that lasts. 🙂

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