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Tornado hits Nashville!

Tornado hits Nashville!

OK, not really. But maybe a tornado of information about the state and future of a lot of Red Hat initiatives, including Fedora. Max has already blogged about the afternoon’s Fedora BoF, after which Chris Blizzard gave a great presentation about OLPC. It was fascinating to hear about the myriad unusual concerns that continue to go into this project to support the mission of providing affordable computing hardware to developing nations. Although you may see a FC5 desktop in the latest prototype photos, don’t be misled. The platform for OLPC is of course Linux-based but the software that will run on it is much more child-centered, and highly targeted toward young people’s learning processes.

Jesse Keating and John Flanagan just gave a friendly and gentle introduction to the process of building a distribution. John mentioned again a point from this morning’s keynotes about the constantly growing mindshare of Fedora. Did you know Intel is using Fedora for their in-house development work? Jesse also touched on the fact that the build process is under heavy development to leverage the various yum-based tools into a full-fledged build process.

I am very excited to get some docs work done tonight, once I catch up with milady and crew. I have been on and off IRC and email today as wireless and my attention span allow — too much time playing with Mugshot this afternoon. Hopefully there will be some more pub action this evening. DocBook XML goes well with beer. Mmm, beer.