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Booby prize.

Booby prize.

In case there was a doubt, here’s further evidence of the big loser I am: This morning I wake up to a server 600 miles away at home that suddenly won’t let me SSH in. The web server is — obviously — still up. (Of course I don’t auto-update — especially not when I’m around!) Just the following fun rejoinder from my ssh attempts:

ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

Equally predictably, I have no super-secret special-sauce back door to reboot. Yes, my loserhood knows no bounds! I have tried this from a clean “new user” account just to make sure it’s not an ~/.ssh/* configuration problem. Help me, lazy web, you’re my only hope.

UPDATE: A little snooping (sorry, I was called upon to speak in one of the Summit sessions before doing any research) tells me that, although common wisdom says this is due to a libwrap/tcp_wrappers configuration error — which I know is not the case here — it’s more likely that it’s too many open connections on my system. Not sure why that’s the case, but I’ll assume it’s either my desktop connections through Nautilus, which I’ve closed, or miscreants. *Shrug*