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Hungover Blogging 102.

Hungover Blogging 102.

(Or, the Sequel No One Wanted Anyone Else to Make.)

A major difference between this semester’s class and last semester’s class is that now the red squigglies take on a life of their own. Not only do we notice them, they pulse, swirl, and do little June Taylor dance routines around the other bleary artifacts our brains are picking up from our eyeballs The Morning After.

Last night’s blowout at the Wild Horse Saloon was totally out of control. Well, as out of control as it gets at a party run by two major publicly traded IT corporations. There was line dancing, a BBQ fondue fountain, a live concert by the Locash Cowboys, and a free and open bar — the latter a very fitting metaphor in both senses of “free,” since (1) you didn’t have to pay for it, and (2) it liberated you to participate in the dance lessons. Shout to Marisol, rock that line girl, and hold on to your glass boots!* I even ran into CEO Matthew Szulik (for the second time during the Summit) and thanked him for the excellent opportunity to rub shoulders with and learn from some of the bright stars in the Linux firmament.

This morning adding to the fun of the pounding interstitial music is somebody doing construction work not far enough from the ballroom where our speakers are talking. Nicholas Negroponte is currently extolling the virtues of OLPC, and doing a fantastic job showing why this project really can save the world — or at least make it a richer, more egalitarian place with opportunities for children everywhere. Kids innately love learning, love experience, love new ideas. I think I understand, after seeing Chris Blizzard’s presentation and this one, that’s what OLPC is all about — the hardware/software is a means to an end, nothing more.

Time to go find caffeine and a painkiller. Here endeth the lesson.

* Aside to A.M.: See, I didn’t mention you at all, your fame is all your own.