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It just got a little easier out here for a pimp.

It just got a little easier out here for a pimp.

Especially if said pimp’s modus operandi includes copious amounts of taffy. Yes, I got my permanent crown put in today, and boy is it shiny!. Thankfully it’s a back molar, so it won’t show much, but I’m using my new mouth bling as an excuse to smack Eleya on the tush whenever possible, and randomly inject “baby” into my sentences in a wholly unnecessary manner:

“Hey baby, what’s cookin’ on that grill?”
“I’m taking the dog out, baby.”
“Aw baby, you KNOW I gots ta get my computin’ on.”

Since my long-suffering wife is recovering from summer colds this week (note the suffering is obviously not connected exclusively to illness, q.v. above), she’s finding this to be ALL KINDS of hilarious, and who can blame her? Now I just need to update my wardrobe and I’ll be all set. (Yo, check out the hat in that link… is it really that far off?)

I’ll check back in later with something more Fedora-specific — right now I need to go work on my lingo. “Last time I checked it was illegal to resist me.” So crazy it just might work, baby.


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