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Late night musings.

Late night musings.


I’ve developed an almost heroin-sized monkey on my back for Korea’s official food, which, as it turns out, is not only very healthy, but also comes with its own supercute logo. I have a big jar of the most popular baechu variety in my refrigerator, much to my wife’s chagrin, as she hasn’t yet joined me in my downward spiraling addiction.


I finally got my new drivel packages out, and fixed up the gnome-sudoku packages as well, to jibe with the new post-Atkins build package set. I also managed to push out some new documentation to the Web site this evening. We have a lot of new translators moving into the project, which is fantastic. I need to do a few tweaks on the Translation Quick Start Guide to make sure we cover all the document metadata. Then I need to get back to the Documentation Guide, and get some steam worked up for the Installation Guide to make sure it will be in tiptop shape for FC6.

Reading material.

A friend of mine lent me some great stuff, including a paper on complex adaptive systems, a book on the development of Gnosticism, and another book on the idea of decline in Western civilization. Now to find some free time. I eagerly await the direct cortex link hack in FC-18.

Gig windup.

After attending her lovely wedding last weekend at Ash Lawn-Highland, I’m looking forward to tomorrow night’s — oops, make that tonight’s — gig with Leah in Centreville at the Border Cafe. I feel a lot of positive musical energy on the rise, at least internally, and can’t wait to let it out.


Around all this fun — oh yeah, didn’t I go to work this week, too? — I am trying to seriously dig into Python. I got my Dive Into, I got my Learning Python… now where did I leave those extra brain cells? Oh yeah, at the bar. Oops.

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