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Quick fix.

Quick fix.

Aside to Konstantin, et al., regarding problems with VMWare and the newest 2.6.17 kernels: Just pick up the vmware-any-any update (101) available here, apply, and enjoy.


  1. Konstantin Ryabitsev

    I’m not that sure. I’ve had to apply this fix to a 3-day old VMwareWorkstation installation to which I *know* the latest vmware-any-any update has been applied right after installation. I don’t remember the number, but it would appear that the latest patch was released back in April, meaning that it was not sufficient to resolve the issue at hand.

  2. Hmm, I had been working with update98 for some time and had the same problem. However, update101 took care of business handily. Please let me know if you find out anything additional that I missed, so I can update my page here.

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