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Challenge and response.

Challenge and response.

I am really enjoying the Python Challenge, a site to which Toshio sent me a link the other day on the #fedora-python channel. I’m at level 7 and — since this interrupted my reading of Dive Into Python — I’m now starting to bump against the limit of what I’ve learned so far. Plus my head exploded, so there’s that.

I am also working on drafting a succession plan for the Board on the wiki. Thoughts from the community are definitely appreciated! I have some of the broad strokes down at this point, as noted in our previous meetings:

  • Elections to commence following FC7 release, within 30 days after release
  • Term for members is two major releases, staggered in halves (i.e. half the Board seats turn over following each release)
  • We’ll likely use the voting mechanism just used by FESCo, all CLA holders are eligible to nominate and vote
  • No artificial term limits — if the community thinks a member’s doing a good job, that person can be nominated and elected again

Last night Eleya and I watched Paul Greengrass’ second film about the events of Bloody Sunday. It’s shot in an extremely effective documentary style, with available light only and no typical movie parlor tricks. (I’m pretty sure a lot of the film was shot on Super-16 and then blown up for release, since one of the extras shows crew shooting with fairly small cameras — although it could have been DV, I don’t think many people were yet shooting that format in 2001.) The sense of currency is spellbinding, although the brogue is sometimes impenetrable, especially with the pervasive overlapping dialogue. Although we felt a little self-conscious about it, we turned on the subtitles so as not to miss any of what was being said on-screen. Recommended.