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Today’s 800lb (~360kg) elephant.

Today’s 800lb (~360kg) elephant.

Thank you, thank you Konstantin, for pointing this out. This has been annoying me for a while and I had just internalized the rage. Here’s some additions to the list. Anything that calls itself “gnome” is, IMHO, grist for the mill:

  • xchat-gnome: exit application
    This might make sense at first blush, but I set the GConf key /apps/xchat/plugins/notification/level to 0, which makes a wonderful trayicon that changes to tell me when I have a personal message, or a different icon if there’s just been some additional conversation in one of the active channels. If you click the icon, the tray “swallows” the application, but if you close the window, xchat-gnome exits. Very annoying, especially when I just want the window to vanish like gaim.
  • bittorrent-gnome: exit application
    What sense does this make at all, especially in an application whose whole purpose is to encourage sharing? Oh wait, you’re the one shutting yours off without seeding. You’re a right bastard, you are.

Oh yeah, and moving from the grievous to the great, thanks Diana, for the beautiful wallpaper and the shout. You’re the bee’s knees!