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Guys’ night out.

Guys’ night out.

Just got home from carousing and carrying on with some very close, old, and good friends (In the best senses of all words concerned) tonight. We holed up at a neighborhood pub (or the closest facsimile that the US can provide — given that we’re in Virginia, that’s not too awfully off the mark) and conversed on all things meaningless and meaningful.

Oh, the party goes with a swing
When we talk about the trivial things
We’re all so frivolous tonight
      —XTC – “Frivolous Tonight”

A wonderful way to break up the weekend… with friends I’ve known for literally 20+ years. Important end-of-festivities prophylactic: B-vitamin and plenty of fresh water. That will let me rise early enough in the morning to take care of a flat tire I suffered at the hand of a jutting, jagged, rocky promontory also known as the curbside in front of my friend’s house in downtown Fredericksburg.

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