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Scholarships ahoy!

Scholarships ahoy!

Ethan is now at the stage where, between spates of screeching and spinning his head off his shoulders while fire shoots from his eyes and ears, he is taking quantum leaps of development, especially linguistic. At age 2-1/2 or so, he’s lagging only slightly behind where Evie was at his age in terms of verbal development, but I understand that’s normal for boys, especially when they can’t get a word in edgewise around their sisters.

This morning not only did Ethan carry his cereal and fruit bowls to the counter, but proceeded to deliver a fairly complete oratory on his achievements, complete with prepositional phrases. “Mommy, I’m putting my breakfast dishes away in the kitchen!” Then he looked up at me on the other side in the counter and, fearing he hadn’t yet buttered all sides of his bread, cried out, “And I love you, Daddy!” Well, I guess we’ll see about the pony, then.

In other news, I’ve been working this weekend as kind of an independent subcontractor for a friend from work who has a small computer business on the side. We are putting a Linux server in place to handle authentication, file and print services for his first “big” contract. This weekend I put myself on a crash Samba course — having only used it sporadically in the office — and not only did I get it working, but it quite handily provides roaming profiles and an easy path to our backup solution as well (once the SCSI HBA we ordered finally shows up). Plus I saved the customers somewhere around $900 in licensing costs, so it’s a win-win.


  1. pedant

    The word quantum means ‘discreet-sized amount’, there is no implication of magnitude or the direction (becoming larger, smaller, etc).

    So “quantum leaps of development” could mean that Ethan is regressing.


  2. > he is taking quantum leaps of development, especially linguistic.

    I don’t think this means what you think it means. 🙂 From wikipedia:

    More generally, a quantum leap is the /smallest/ possible change, as when one’s bank account balance goes from $500.00 (five hundred dollars) to $500.01 (five hundred dollars and one cent). There are no possible amounts intermediate between those.

  3. You people need to watch more stupid American TV. If you had, you would know that a quantum leap is the biggest possible jump you can take that doesn’t involve a bungee cord or getting out of the way of a drive-by shooting. Sheesh.

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