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C’mon, let’s get happy!

C’mon, let’s get happy!

Is there an Echo in here? Yessirreebob, that would be my Echo Audio Layla24, finally to be supported in the kernel! Drivers appeared in the 2.2 kernel, but then disappeared among the 2.4 upheaval process. According to this commit, I’ll soon be seeing them in the 2.6.18 kernel. I’m very excited about the prospect, and hopefully the laptop adapter will work as well (although I can live without that if not).

I’ve made these drivers using ALSA CVS for a while, but it is always a painful and time-consuming process which really kills my creativity — so I avoided it in favor of using my old software. Now my dreams of leaving behind the last ties binding me to closed, proprietary solutions may finally be coming to fruition.

O frabjous day!

In other news, thanks to the encouragement of Thomases Canniot and Chung, I will be trying my hand at podcasting the Fedora Weekly News Out Loud (English version, mind you) this week. Yes, I get to make as much of an ass out of myself as in person, right in the comfort of your home, but without the risks to fragile knick-knacks. As always, I will depend on the gonad-crushing criticism of the community to tell me what rocks and what sucks rocks.