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Remember, remember.

Remember, remember.

No, not because of Guy Fawkes, about whom I was well aware long before V for Vendetta, but because it’s our wedding anniversary. Eleven years later and she’s still the one against whom I measure all others. You’re the greatest, E!

Since Sunday is a terrible night for an outing, we went out Friday night to a great sushi bar and steakhouse, where we found that yes, it’s possible to get great sushi in town. Great service and good food; the octopus especially was extremely tasty.

We hunted down dessert downtown at the marvelous Cafe New Orleans, which has obviously overcome the problems it had several years ago (different management?). I had the bourbon pecan pie and SuperWife the vanilla cheesecake with chocolate crumb crust, both yummy, and since they were very lightly attended when we got there, the server made us a fresh pot of coffee which was fresh-ground and delicious. We tried the bar upstairs, hoping it had moved as upscale as the downstairs restaurant, but no luck there. Perhaps the upscale crowd hadn’t made it downtown by 9:30.

In any case, a wonderful respite from the kids. We love ’em to death but it’s nice to get a break.

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