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On the road again.

On the road again.

Out in Salt Lake City this week, I have a chance to catch up with some friends from work, many of whom I haven’t seen — gosh, in years. I get to bang on some Linux related stuff all day, such as writing some Python code. I use “code” very loosely here since I doubt most of my fu^H^Hhackery would pass muster for knowledgeable programmers. It has been fun, and I need the practice in any case.

I had a not-so-fun trip out, between United’s horrible flight tracking system and the uncomfortable planes. I had to rush out of the house on Monday morning because United “helpfully” informed me that my flight was delayed and that I might miss my connection. The standby was quite a bit earlier so I had to book it out of the house at top speed just to make that flight. (Unfortunately this made me forget to stuff a couple Fedora goodies in my bag for some long-time boosters. But hey, that’s what interoffice mail is for, right?)

When I got there, they told me bad news and good news — bad news, the flight was sold out and I was going to have to cool my heels at the airport for two extra hours. The good news was that my original flight was only showing up 10 minutes late, so my connection would be no problem. (In their defense, that did actually end up being correct.)

The weather in SLC has been unseasonably warm, about 65-70 F (20-22 C? estimating in my head), which has meant a lot of nice morning and evening walks. I miss my family, but I’m not getting home until late Thursday night. Fortunately I have the day off Friday, so it will be nice to unwind and relax into a three-day weekend.