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Happy 2007!

Happy 2007!

We finished out 2006 with a wonderful weekend stay at a beautiful, enormous lakefront rental house, with two other families who have been good friends of ours for many a year. Unfortunately, we partied a little too hard the night before New Year’s Eve, so when the big night came we were all a little pooped. But that was a small matter compared to all the fun, laughs, relaxation, and various kickings of ass meted out to everyone who dared to pick up a PS2 controller and pretend to be a Jedi.

There was absolutely no Internet there so I felt no guilt or shame in leaving my laptop at home for the weekend. The kids all enjoyed playing with each other, and aside from a horribly stunted sleep schedule they were great. Something tells me more bedrooms would be a plus next year.

And now for the obligatory year-end summary. The good parts of 2006:

  • Kids growing and thriving
  • Band release of a new EP
  • Fedora: seat on the Project Board, two excellent releases, and a great FUDCon
  • A great time at the Red Hat Summit in Nashville
  • Got jump on New Years resolution by starting exercise routine
  • Finally learned Python to a reasonable extent

The not as good:

  • One server toasted by hard disk failure, backups “mostly” up to date
  • One root canal (upside: shiny new “pimp toof”)
  • One powerful aversion of spousal unit to kimchi
  • One sad realization that English is rapidly becoming a dead language