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Post-holiday chill.

Post-holiday chill.

Well, certainly I’m not talking about the weather. This is the second Saturday in a row with temperatures at or above the mid-60s. But after the normal stress of the holidays, there was not much news to report here. Ethan has of course abandoned all the toys Santa brought him this Christmas for the free hand-me-downs, which I think shows he’s already a pretty shrewd little guy with a good sense of ROI*.

Recently the band started to quote Jamiroquai as an interlude in one of our original numbers, and that has kicked off an excavation of sorts for me. After a sort of involuntary hiatus due to Leah’s wedding, honeymoon, and PhD program, now I can’t stop thinking of bass. If I’m not playing it, I’m thinking of playing it. And how better to do that than with some funky disco nouveau? Oh yeah.

Rawhide has been in flux lately so I have had a hard time working on a problem with the PPC build of one of my packages. A kind fellow contributor lent me an account, but then sadly the host was too low on disk space for me to do builds. I’m sure we’ll get that taken care of shortly. In the meantime, I’m figuring out where to pour some energy into docs this weekend.

* “Return on investment” for lingo-challenged family members.