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And so it ends.

And so it ends.

…At least for some of us who have to make it back to work in the morning. (I just returned home after a quick jump from Boston to Richmond.)

I was able to fit a little docs work in this morning, but the majority of my day was spent behind closed doors with the Board. We do a lot of public-facing meetings, and documenting those, but there are issues whose sensitivity requires some pretty candid conversations as well. Max is always very good about making sure that if we have to do those meetings, they get carried to public spaces as soon as possible. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from participating in these discussions, it’s that every person there is after one thing, and that’s advancing the cause of free software, no matter whether that makes life easier or harder for Fedora. Whichever of those routes we take, we try to make sure that it’s the best choice.

There was a flurry of Docs related activity this morning, but unfortunately I missed pretty much all of it since our Board meeting went about two hours, and I had an early afternoon flight. I wish I had another day to spend here, but on the other hand it will be nice to see my family again too.

Last night Karsten and I went to see the lovely and amazing Edie Carey at Club Passim off Harvard Square. Her show was fantastic, and as usual she charmed everyone with her incredible voice and songs, and hilarious between-songs banter. If you are ever able to catch one of her shows, you should absolutely go.

We ended up back at the hotel at midnight, but neither of us realized how late it was, so we were surprised when we got kicked out of the elevator alcove for talking to Seth, who had holed up there for better wifi. There were so many incredibly well-dressed upper-crusters milling about in the lobby, we didn’t figure the clock had slipped so far. Yet another reason why we Fedora ruffians (YARRR!!!)* shouldn’t be staying in posh hotels.

* I think I remember seeing a sign for a local museum exhibit or other show about “Ruffians, Scoundrels, and Loose Women,” which sounded like a great theme for the next FUDCon.

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  1. Paul,
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my site. I am surprised that anybody else reads outside of a few friends and family memebers. Anyways, I am currently running Gnome on Mandriva. I reallly like their control center, and I think they do a really go job of catering to the desktiop user (for instance, there are pre-made folders in my home entitled “pictures”, “videos”, “music”, etc.). However, I am having some major resource problems when I run (never had this problem with other distros). I still have the FC6 disk, and I might give it another try.

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