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Status report.

Status report.

Taking a hint from Seth, I thought I should talk about things I worked on this weekend:

  • New self-documenting example tutorial, including templates that a new writer can simply copy to start their own document
  • Upgrades to the Documentation Guide, which we are going to continue slicing and dicing over the next few days in tandem
  • Learned more about the release engineering process from Jesse’s talk and associated conversations
  • Board business, including taking the brunt of Jeremy’s merciless abuse (ouch)

I also got some great ideas from Luke Macken for ways we could make notifications work better, including allowing the user to jot a quick one-off response to a channel without having to focus the IRC app and page through channels to input; and a way to capture notifications into Tomboy. We also agreed that Tomboy needs to be ported to Python so we can keep the wonderfulness of the app but not need Mono in the stack. Now keep in mind almost none of this is within my extremely limited ninja powers, but you have to start somewhere, and a good idea beats most starts in my book.

Things I would like to do more of at the next FUDCon:

  • Participation in packaging and other general release stuff
  • F2f time with individuals whose work I admire, for learning purposes
  • Moderation at FUDPub (heh)

Thanks to everyone who spent a few minutes with me planting cool ideas, the folks who showed up for my “Sexy Docs Tools” talk, the people who had a drink with me at the pub (yes, there were many of these), and everyone I managed to meet for the first time — y’all rock.