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Not approved for general audiences.

Not approved for general audiences.

Eleya and I watched the fantastic documentary This Film Is Not Yet Rated last night, a scathing indictment of the corrupt and ultimately inscrutable MPAA component that is responsible for providing audience-appropriate ratings in the “voluntary” US system. I don’t want to rehash how that works here, since there are plenty of places you can read about it — much more enjoyable to rent this film and see how one independent filmmaker uncovers who’s really rating our movies, and on what basis.

There are loads of independent filmmakers interviewed as part of the documentary, and their comments are occasionally funny and incisive. My wife and I thought the clever title animations really set the tone for the rest of the film and we chuckled out loud often. The film’s final revelations had us both wide-eyed and laughing at both the director’s chutzpah and that of the MPAA.

Highly recommended!

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