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The tail that wags the dog.

The tail that wags the dog.

Somehow in the last few days, my Liferea program ate the OPML file that lists all the feeds it aggregates. I think I have a backup, but the disk is at my office. So with some quick thinking, some useful little Fedora utilities, and a modicum of organizational sense, I was able to reconstruct everything. (I even made a few slight improvements to suit the reading habits I’ve developed.)

To do this, I used xmlstarlet to pull out the value of the feedSource element from each of the active feeds in my Liferea cache — inexplicably left behind in the swathe of destruction — and write them to a file. Then I installed Dogtail, and proceeded to fight tooth and nail with GNOME AT (assistive technologies), which for some odd reasons hangs my GNOME session when I log in. (If anyone has a tip on that part, please let me know — AT is required for Dogtail.) If I killed the at-spi-registry process my session could proceed fairly normally. Yeah, it’s a mystery to me.

I used Dogtail to record myself adding a feed, and then I edited the resulting Python script to automate adding all the feeds in my results file from above. Then I could simply set up folders, and edit the OPML file by hand to organize the feeds. I had to breeze over the feeds to make sure I hadn’t missed anything really important in the last few days, but all in all, time well spent.

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