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Release Notes opened further.

Release Notes opened further.

For a while now in the Docs Project, we’ve used the concept of “beats” to separate the voluminous release notes into easily wrangled chunks. “Beat” is a term that originated in both journalism and law enforcement — and has since been used in other fields as well. A newspaperman would cover a beat such as local politics or traffic, and similarly a policeman would have a regular beat that consisted of a certain section of town, say, between 40th and 52nd Streets in midtown. Release notes contributors cover beats such as the Anaconda installer, the kernel, or virtualization.

We still have assigned beats for some areas, but these assignments are neither carved in stone, nor exclusive. The beat pages are open so the whole community can contribute.

There are all sorts of different ways to tag content for the release notes, but the easiest way by far is to simply edit the affected beat page on the wiki. You can also use Bugzilla, a CVS commit keyword, or email. The Fedora release notes are chock full of content and — we think this isn’t really boasting or puffery — some of the finest community-produced documentation in all of Linux. Be a part of it!

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