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Unless by “good” you mean “mercilessly coldhearted.”

Unless by “good” you mean “mercilessly coldhearted.”

So, iwlwifi is being not berry berry good to me on my ThinkPad T60p. Add to this the yuckiness that kills the kernel if I tax the wired e1000 adapter, and voila! A recipe for me having to avoid running Rawhide for testing.

I don’t have a surplus of machines around, just the workstation my wife and daughter use, the laptop I use, and an old machine running my public services that needs to stay happy at all costs. So if it doesn’t work on my laptop, I don’t get to use it. I’m a bit sad right now, because I was really hoping to take Rawhide on the road with me next week on a business trip. If neither my wired nor my wireless networking work, I’m pretty much back to FC6 for now. ?


  1. You actually have a few other options than just going back to FC6…
    * Just grab the FC6 kernel and just go back to the FC6 kernel
    * Download the old ipw3945 module, rmmod iwlwifi, insert ipw3945, go from there
    * Fix things *grin*

    Also, grab a copy of the 3056 kernel (if you can’t find it, let me know and I can put it up somewhere) and see if it’s better for you with iwlwifi… it seems to be relatively reasonable. Later kernels have a mac80211 stack update that seems to have broken things.

  2. Re: virt — yes, that’s true. I actually also have VMware Workstation, provided by the office, but I wanted to try taking the Nestea plunge. 🙂

    I was using the 3066 kernel; perhaps I will try the 3056 to see if things work better that way. I’ve been a little overwhelmed with other work and haven’t had time to track iwlwifi in Fedora to see status; I just kind of blindly installed it after anaconda seemed to be working well on Friday on my office test machine. 😉

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