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Last push toward the finish line.

Last push toward the finish line.

All in all, the last two weeks have been tremendously busy for me, and I’m looking forward to getting a little free time next weekend…


Business meeting in Seattle all last week. Terrible travel day on the way out, with flight delay after flight delay. I hate traveling from Washington-Dulles airport, which is why I tried Richmond International to begin with. (I’m seriously thinking of moving my ticket to the Red Hat Summit to Reagan National.)


Release notes have been really wearying this time for some reason — I think it’s the toolchain work needed for this cycle, along with two pushes of content pretty close together. The last push of POT/PO files for the Fedora release notes went out tonight, so our translators can hopefully have at it. I suppose at the Summit I’ll end up touching base with some of the Fedora crew and find out where I can improve my processes and the Docs toolchain.


Several rehearsals and a gig scheduled over the next week have me feeling a bit stretched. What with work and my travel last week, I’m behind on charting some songs for tomorrow morning’s rehearsal. Hopefully the long drive will give me time to bone up on what I’ve missed by listening to the CD.


Had a great time with the kids today. While the wife was in DC at a fiber arts and crafts exhibition at one of the many museums, I took the kids to the somewhat less culturally charged — but more accessible to the under-25 set — elementary school carnival. Many moons were bounced upon, many slides were conquered, many choo-choo trains were ridden, and many sugary snacks were consumed. Afterward, we returned home and many children were tranked with high-potency elephant darts and anchored by heavy objects. Seriously though, it was a lot of fun and the kids were full of joy. A nice way to spend the first day back from a week away!