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Two steps forward, no steps back.

Two steps forward, no steps back.

Today’s 3122 kernel and iwlwifi-0.0.16 have taken care of kernel oopsing, and my Intel 3945 wireless happily associates with my AP in open, WEP, and WPA modes both with SSID broadcast on or off. Thanks to the upstream people who made this happen, with some “rabble rousing” from dragoran, and John Linville for sticking with this problem too. I have no idea whether Dave Jones helped, but holy hell, the guy works like a maniac, so thanks to him too.

I have no idea whether F7 will hit a target of having anaconda detect the wifi NIC and grab the right firmware, but I’m pleased as punch that a Fedora disc will get friends’ Intel 3945-equipped laptops off the ground all by its li’l lonesome.

Time to grab some dinner, then read over meeting minutes, and hack on the Installation Guide.

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  1. You won’t be able to install over the wireless, but the iwlwifi-firmware package is in the hardware-support group and that gets installed by default, so installs should end up with all the bits necessary for 3945 (and also 2100/2200 + zd1211) support out of the box.

    The firmware is also included on the live CDs so that you pop them in and can see that your wireless works

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