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Weekend prep.

Weekend prep.

Thursday night: Brought Honda to service station in full realization that 120K service tabs are hell. Hell. At least they gave me an estimate beforehand. Caught up on some email. Coped with daughter’s wild enthusiasm for tomorrow’s Field Day at kindergarten. Funny, I had forgotten altogether the superlative beauty of egg spoon runs and wheelbarrow races.

Friday: Work here and there, between watching the boy, reading, and carrying on domestic activities while I waited for the shop to call back, hoping that there wouldn’t be any surprises on the Honda. (There weren’t, although a $1150 bill being “good news” is somewhat amusing.) Heard all about the goings-on at Field Day from a little girl who smelled exactly like the promise of summer, all over sunscreen, dandelions, and potential. Eleya and I saw Little Miss Sunshine, which was… surprisingly less original and riveting than I would have expected of a Best Picture nominated film. Alan Arkin was pretty frickin’ great, though.

Saturday: Book review work, got some birthday loot for my brother, and a few suitable shirts for next week’s trip to San Diego. (I hear margaritas may be involved at some point.) Watched the far more satisfying Notes on a Scandal. And I have to say, Jud Dench flat-out ROCKS.

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