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Pow, to the moon, Alice!

Pow, to the moon, Alice!

Nicu’s post on the artwork proposals shows what a great group of contributors is involved in that project. Mairin’s interest in the concept of infinity are fascinating, and I’m eager to see how she develops this idea. I also really like Mola’s Moon theme, although I’d like to see it simplified a bit:

  • Lower the density of stars quite a bit
  • Make sure the moon appears in front of the stars, rather than vice versa
  • The squiggly reflection of the logo is too dominant and needs to be more broken up by the water, and more diffused

I know the moon appears as a non-dominant element in the current theme, but I kind of like this progression. In FC5 we had bubbles (albeit from a cartoon perspective), as in in water; in FC6 we had DNA seen underwater, like the formation of life; in F7 there was a culmination of life taking to the skies in balloons. I think having F8 be about a way station to something further out, like the moon, is fitting. Hopefully this would lead to an abstract about the cosmos or an amazing journey outside our knowledge/experience/comfort zone/solar system/what-have-you.

I wasn’t as keen on the “Thunder” idea because it seemed more like hazard warning, especially when combined with any thinking of progression from FC5 to F8 theming. (Note that clouds also appear in the F7 theme as a non-dominant element.)

Regardless, I do love the consistent theming in blue, along with natural elements to make that color seem less harsh and sterile. Kudos to the Artwork folks for their hard work and inventiveness! I can’t wait to see the next phase of the cycle…

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  1. i like the infinity notion, particularly ’cause i like perspective photos that exaggerate distances. think mondo parallax.

    also – modern structures impart something of progress and man’s creativity.

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