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The voice of the inner chimp.

The voice of the inner chimp.

A couple days ago Mike McGrath posted a blurb about a question of morality posed on “This American Life,” a regular National Public Radio show. This question actually comes from an episode of RadioLab, a fascinating science show that comes to NPR courtesy of WNYC. You can listen to the show (MP3 format only, sorry) at the site, or subscribe your Rhythmbox (or other podcatching software) to the XML feed. All the episodes are quite fantastic, but I really like the “Space” episode from November 2006 (Season Two). I only wish there were more episodes available!

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  1. mmcgrath

    I only after posting the question and re-listening to the show did I realize it was an excerpt from Radio Lab. So I clicked on over. Every show I’ve heard so far has been AMAZING. Anyone that hasn’t done so should really click over, find a show that might interest them and listen to it. Very good stuff.

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