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I’m in ur workstayshun upgradin ur bitz.

I’m in ur workstayshun upgradin ur bitz.

Last night I did a test with my iPod using a TRRS-to-3RCA cable (lifted from my Sony miniDV camcorder), and found that I could very handily do a slide presentation by patching into the composite video input on a projector or monitor. With audio inputs, I could have backing music too. ? The only drawback is that I have to individually convert each slide to JPG format in OpenOffice, and there’s currently no bulk option for that procedure. Usability––! But gpixpod sure makes moving the slides easy enough.

I think I remember something about this on Presentation Zen a while back, but I don’t have time to find the link right now. You should be reading the site already anyway. Yes, this means you, you over-bulleting snoremongers!

Upgraded “Bettie” to F7 tonight. Everything went smoothly except for the moment when I thought I had done something terrible to my MySQL partition and then realized it just wasn’t mounted.

Tomorrow morning first thing our LUG is holding an installfest. I’m trying to get last-minute work done tonight for that, making sure I don’t forget anything in the morning.


  1. Excellent tip, thanks Chris! I’ll definitely be using that in the future. This is definitely something that needs some improvement from the OOo developers, so I’ll file a bug for it and keep my fingers crossed for 2.4.

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