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Today, it’s (almost) all good news.

Today, it’s (almost) all good news.

Geek stuff:

A while back I posted about a problem with Nautilus’ handling of audio CD copies. In today’s news, that looks to be fixed in the upcoming GNOME release, which should by all rights make it easily into Fedora 8.

More geek stuff:

Today also saw the arrival of my car kit for hooking up my iPod. Tonight saw me sweating buckets in the intense humidity of the garage while I removed the center dash assembly and stereo to install the adapter/modulator/thingie. All went swimmingly (bonus humidity joke) and now I can not only play the iPod through the car stereo, but I can also control it through the in-dash CD player. There’s added functionality for using the single CD player’s changer controls to further address up to five playlists, if you save them to the iPod under specific names, for convenience.

Family and miscellanea:

I finished reading Evie “Harry Potter 3, the Curse of the Bulbous Ear Trumpet,” or whatever that one was called. I decided that will be the last HP book for her for a little while, as they get increasingly dark — well, for a six-year-old — and concerned with issues that need not yet concern said six-year-old. We started “The Hobbit” instead, since she likes fantasies and fairy tales and such, and I’m quite enjoying getting back into providing voices for a cast of dozens.

As for myself, I finished HP 7 for myself on Sunday in a final 400-page sprint and decided it is easily the best of the whole lot, with moments where actual writing skill was wielded in creating clever juxtaposition of words. There was a world of difference from the third and previous books, to be certain.

Some additional geek stuff:

I got some additional work done on the Documentation Guide this weekend, and am still hoping we get enough translators on board to do a Fedora 7 fedora-release-notes package update. Of course, F8 test1 is due shortly and our real release notes push for F8 should be starting soon thereafter. We’ll send out additional shouts when the Beats pages are scrubbed and ready for all community members to pitch in content. And you WILL be pitching in content, won’t you? Yes, I thought so, good on ya mates!

And finally the bad news:

Ingmar Bergman is dead.

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  1. 1. excellent work on the ipod kit install! remember installing that sony CASSETTE player in your 198? ford tempo? and using a sponge as mounting standoff? and how the sponge, as it consumed the humid air dominant in virginia during the summer months, progressively loss its ability to support said sony? 🙂

    2. good to know re: HP. Ava is really a reader, it would appear. many times she’ll just be sitting with one of her books, turning pages and quietly talking in such a sweet little reading voice.

    3. thanks for your intrepid work with FC7. i installed on an old (ca. ’99) IBM TP 600E. having some issues, but largely works. issues with ethernet that worked under FC5.

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