Linux, musical road-dogging, and daily life by Paul W. Frields
The good, the bad, and the style-challenged.

The good, the bad, and the style-challenged.

My life this week could be summed up with plusses and minuses. For instance, I just got back from Seattle, where:

+ Everything was lush and green because they ACTUALLY HAVE RAIN in Seattle
– There was a pretty boring conference I had to sit through
+ There was wifi at the conference this year
– The wifi was spotty and mostly sucked
+ Discovered a great porter from Okocim
– Found out that Okocim Porter has been discontinued

I did manage to fit in a little Fedora work around the boredom and the barhopping, including fixing some Installation Guide problems and enjoying the awesomeness that will soon be F8. I also had some great sushi and sake at Yama, and a pleasant flight home since the center seat in my row was empty.

Today I took a day off work to recover from the fun of travel and cram in some last-minute rehearsal before our gig tonight at IOTA with Shwa. There’s supposed to be a huge crowd out tonight, which always makes for great energy when performing. I even bought some new shoes to cut down on my dork factor… unfortunately, they’re identical to the ones our guitarist has since they didn’t have the color I liked better in my size. If I wear something crazy on my head, or give myself an enormous oozing gash there, probably no one will notice. Now where did I put that cutlery?