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Laptop mode, check.

Laptop mode, check.

I’m using my hawt new Dell XPS M1330 and have been a direct beneficiary of the equally hawt F8. The iwl3945 module which cost me about 60%+ in performance at F7 release time is now providing peak performance in Rawhide (pre-F8). Media keys all work great, including volume, track control, brightness, and so forth. Even the IR control works great!

Now that I’m used to the different keyboard feel I have zero qualms about this unit — so much so that I took it to a conference with me this week and have been showing it off to many admirers. When Jeremy posts about all the improvements, he is not kidding at all. Now, it doesn’t hurt that I took options for all the Intel components I could (including graphics and wireless), but there is no doubt in my mind that F8 is going to deliver a really choice confluence of form and function.

I also want to give a well-deserved shout to Bastien and others for the awesome Bluetooth work during this past cycle. Today I showed off to a colleague the excellent capabilities to move pictures and audio using both Fedora and my phone’s built-in functions. Sweet!