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Apparently, I AM a fortunate son.

Apparently, I AM a fortunate son.

As Eleya was cleaning out the bookcase, she found an old “Voyager Tarot” set we bought about 15 years ago. She told me to pull a card and I got this (transcribed from the companion booklet):



The blackamoor bearing the “treasures of Dresden” symbolizes the law of prosperity. You prosper by knowing how to receive the wealth of opportunities that come to you from the cornucopia of the universe.

Yes, it does in fact say “blackamoor.” Hey, I didn’t write it.

Like a wheel, you convert these inputs to outputs. You are opportunistic and entrepreneurial. You are resourceful, able to turn a negative into a positive. You can spin ideas around to see a way.

To seize an opportunity, you must be courageous, a risk-taker like the matador. You need to be optimistic, symbolized by the gold crown.

Quitting the secure doldrums of government for a zippy new private sector job? Check. Moving the whole family 500 miles up the East Coast to a new house? Yeah baby. Throwing myself into a sink or swim situation, trying to deliver a compelling vision of the future and somehow get enough oars in the water paddling in the same general direction to get there? Bring it on.

Like Jupiter, you must think expansively and decide how you can bring available resources together to create synergy. As the dancer on the wheel of fortune, you must be agile, flexible, and alert, always ready to move.

OK, if I danced on the wheel of fortune, I would look more like the Star Wars kid. But otherwise, this is starting to sound pretty good to me…. And like Jupiter, I am jolly, round, and sometimes gassy, and it seems women with unusual names find me irresistible.

You are constantly recycling the wealth of the universe. By giving away what you have created, you allow new opportunities to come in. This turnover creates abundance for yourself and others. You are rewarded for your sharing on all levels of being.

That’s a pretty cool summation of open source and Fedora, don’t you think? Yeah, me too.

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