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These are a few of my favorite things.

These are a few of my favorite things.

The stress of a house move is setting in. Or, to be more exact, the stress of contemplating a house move is setting in, since we may not be moving for a few months yet. That hasn’t stopped Eleya, the Crown Princess of Project Management, from lighting into the job, however.

Eleya’s already started tearing the bookshelves down one literary limb at a time, the packing tape roller buzzsawing through the quiet house. The walls are already denuded, a decade’s worth of photographic memories making way for the brushes of painters not yet hired.

I ran out for an afternoon errand or two, finding out that apparently there’s a very clear boundary dividing the world into two kinds of eyeglasses: one that looks good on me, and the other that can handle my particular prescription at some cost significantly below $800. To console myself, I stopped at the store and picked up the soundtrack to Once, a marvelous gem of a film we watched Thursday night. It’s touching but not melodramatic, sincere but not grating, and full of the joy of making music.

Apparently the savage heart was unsoothed, because I traveled on to (of all places) a shoe store, where I was overjoyed to find a pair of gunsmoke Merrell Orbit Moc slip-ons — the world’s most comfortable shoe — in my size! I settled for black when I bought a pair months ago, after my guitarist had recommended them, which meant we often went onstage with matching shoes. Thank goodness they’re not lime green.

Anyway, that really cured my blue mood; even coming home to the news that getting the house painted and touched up for showing was going to cost us somewhere around $7K didn’t phase me much. So it turns out we’re not hiring that guy anyway for other reasons, and hopefully the other bid will be significantly lower.

Now the lilt and growl of Glen Hansard fills the first floor, and I still can’t believe that some months from now, we’ll be somewhere in New Hampshire thinking about that Virginia house we used to own.


  1. xopher

    $7K for interior only? Entire house? Had about half the interior of my 2400 sq ft house painted 2 years ago, amounted to 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, a hallway, a 2 story foyer, and all associated doors and trim for, I think, $3300. 3 guys and they knocked it out professionally in 2.5 days. So, an entire house of your size sounds like these guys might have charged $5-6K. Then again, we went with 18 different colors and confused them several times, so maybe you’ll get a discount if you simplify things. 🙂

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