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And also, the one about your favorite window manager.

And also, the one about your favorite window manager.

I updated the marketing surveys page on the wiki last night to include the full report from the FUDCon Raleigh 2008 event. Some people may have noticed that the available answers from Question 6 (as originally written) ended up truncated online, and we didn’t realize it until many people had started sending in answers. We’ll try to ensure that doesn’t happen again in the next iteration, but in the meantime, I’m really glad to see people continue to get energized at FUDCon events.

There is a lot of planning going on already for the next US FUDCon event to be held around the Red Hat Summit. We’ll have our own space, plenty of tasty hackfest, and some presentations too, some of which will attract a mix of attendees that should lead to some very interesting discussion (and food for the BarCamp). Make sure you sign up on the wiki page if you’re thinking about attending!

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