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The best laid plans, No. 41.

The best laid plans, No. 41.

If you camp on the various announcement lists, you’ve undoubtedly seen this post. Yes, unfortunately we had to slip the release just a bit — two weeks, to be exact, putting our new target at May 13th. This is for a few very good reasons, among which are having a worthwhile Preview Release period. That’s where we really, really need the whole community to help test as much of the release as humanly (or otherwise, we don’t discriminate) possible.

To tide you over until the 13th, we do get to proudly present said Preview Release!

The Preview Release is so close to Fedora 9 that almost anyone should be able to at least try it. And since we have both installation sets and Live images available, you can help whether or not you want to install the Preview Release to your system’s hard disk. (I’m running it on my main workhorse with no ill effects, and greatly enjoying it!)

Thanks to everyone who’s putting in hard work fixing bugs and making Fedora 9 the best release ever. And apologies to all of you who have to clean up the drool for a couple more weeks. ?