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Road dogging, No. 13.

Road dogging, No. 13.

I’m heading out on the road, this time down to Red Hat HQ in Raleigh. I’ll be working with our marketing and community architecture folks on some Fedora 9 release related stuff. It’s all the same to you, dear invisible friends, because my disembodied voice will be seen in all the usual places on the intarwebz. My everlasting thanks go out to Alex, who is putting me up again for the week so I can save our Fedora budget money for more important things. (Inflatable beds can be REALLY comfortable. I’m not kidding.)

Spent this weekend doing a little work on the F9 Installation Guide, and playing some music, the latter of which I haven’t had time to do much of over the last month. I briefly considered bringing a guitar with me to Raleigh but it would probably be either (1) a waste of luggage space, or (2) too distracting.

Time to hit the highway!


  1. JonRob


    Just a quick request to ask if it’s possible that any marketing stuff you do while you’re down there could get pushed out to the community? I’m sure you’ll do this anyway, time allowing (:p) but just a reminder ‘cos I’m enjoying doing the mktg stuff and like to see how it gets done as often as possible (pickin’ up tips and all that!)…

  2. I don’t usually respond to anonymous comments, but “road dogging” is a unit term, it doesn’t mean “a kind of dogging that has to do with a road.” It means traveling a lot, usually associated with musicians or other reprobates. 😉

  3. I have to drive back from FL in a few weeks, if you were in RH HQ then I’d have stopped! I always wanted a tour, only having viewed the outside once. Having used RH since Halloween and calling the apartment when I had issues with PPP, they have come one hell of a long way 🙂

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